When we go to "work" in fact we just go doing what we love

"We started in 2016 with a few motorbikes and grew each year. A typicality tour day with us is more like riding with friends, our customers are not just our customers, in the end they become our friends."

— Vali Ganea, ValX Founder

Experience Enduro or Enduro Experience?

The answer is simple: Whatever you desire.

Our slogan summarize what we do, in fact what we do depends on you. Either you are a beginner and just want to “experience enduro” meaning you want to see nice places, get to places where by foot or by car is either too long or too difficult, enjoy a day ( or more ) in the nature, having a great picnic on the top of the mountain, or you are an experimented rider with a lot of “enduro experience” you can be sure ValX can offer you both.

Where do we opperate?

We are located in Brasov, heart of Transylvania, Romania.

Riding along country roads and numerous dirt-tracks, is an ideal way to enjoy the diversity of the magnificent Romanian countryside, from the spectacular mountains (Bucegi, Baiului, Faragas) to the stunning hills around Brasov, always putting your safety and the environment first.